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VSL#3 is our flagship product and is among the most studied probiotics*. Its high quality is maintained through careful and rigorous selection of our production partners and technology used in production.

The main product of the company is VSL#3®, which is sold as a food supplement, medical food, or pharmaceutical in many countries around the world. It is a probiotic blend of eight different strains of specifically selected lactic acid bacteria and bifido bacteria at particular high concentrations**.

Actial Farmaceutica history/presentation (VSL Pharmaceuticals, Inc.)

Actial (formerly CD Investments S.r.l.) is an holding company with two subsidiaries worldwide: CD Pharma India for the Asia-Pacific market and VSL Pharmaceuticals for the North, Central and South American markets. Moreover, Actial is active in the European market.

Actial is focused on the development of products based on the technological platform of probiotic bacteria (lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria) for use as food supplement/nutraceuticals in various physiological/pathological conditions. The company has a number of patents which cover many aspects of the therapeutic and nutraceutical use of probiotics and of enzymes derived from probiotic bacteria, in different pathophysiological conditions, both as dietetic preparations and food supplements, or as pharmaceutical products.