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  • Effect of Probiotics in Children with Severe Sepsis

    In the Indian publication Evaluation of Effect of Probiotics on Cytokine Levels in Critically ill Children with Severe Sepsis: A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial the Authors state that “Probiotics supplementation for 7 days resulted in significant decrease in pro inflammatory and increase in anti-inflammatory cytokines in children with severe sepsis”. Discover more about.

  • Benefits of multistrain bacteria formulations for health. VSL#3® showed efficacy. 

    In the publication Benefits of multistrain bacteria formulations for health (Laterza et al., May 2018 pg. 542-544), the authors state that “The use of probiotics is very diffused in routine clinical practice, due to the good safety profile and the large availability of multiple products on the market. However, there still confusion in probiotic field regarding the appropriate […]