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  • Microbiome: Could it protect people from parasitic worms?

    Nearly 25 percent of the world’s population is currently infected with parasitic worms like hookworm, whipworm or roundworm, according to the World Health Organization. However the gut microbiome can be altered to protect people from becoming infected with parasitic worms. That is what researchers at Washington University in St. Louis made the suggested after studying […]

  • Ibd increases the risk of heart attack

    A strong link between inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and myocardial infarction has been established from a study of more than 22 million IBD patients. As the European American Journal reported, the 3-year investigation, the results of which were revealed at the 2018 American College of Cardiology (ACC) meeting on 10th–12th March, used the IBM® Explorys […]