Cookies are small text strings that are saved in the folders of the user’s browser while browsing on Internet sites and contain certain information (indication of the server from which they were generated or the domain, duration or expiry date, a unique identification code, a unique value, etc.). The website consulted sends this information to the browser that creates the cookie, storing it in its directories.

1.1 What they are used for

While you are browsing, the cookies on the site you are visiting are sent back to the server, which uses the value of the cookie for various purposes, such as facilitating consultation of the site and improving the browsing experience – conveying advertising messages – acquiring statistical information on users’ browsing, etc.

1.2 The advantages of cookies

Some cookies are extremely useful because they can make browsing more pleasant for you when you visit a website that you have already visited several times. If you use the same device and browser, cookies can, for example, remember your preferences, help us understand how you use our sites and make the content you see more relevant to your interests and needs.
None of the cookies used on our websites collect any information that personally identifies you.

1.3 Checking and deleting cookies

If you wish to change the way your browser uses cookies, or block or delete cookies from this website (or any other site), you can do so by changing your browser settings. In order to monitor cookies, most browsers will allow you to accept or reject all cookies, accept only certain types, or will ask you each time if you want to save a cookie from a particular site. It is just as easy to delete cookies that have already been saved by the browser on your device.


2.1 Technical cookies

We use technical cookies because they are indispensable for safe navigation and the use of the services requested. The law provides that they are used even in the absence of explicit consent.
The information is not used for commercial purposes and in no case does it involve the saving of data.

2.1a Browsing or session cookies (technical cookies)

Browsing or session cookies are technical cookies and are necessary for the operation of the site, as they ensure normal navigation and use of the website and a better experience of the service offered. From the first access, therefore, these cookies allow the site to function correctly and allow the contents to be displayed on the user’s device (e.g. by recognising the language and the country from which the connection is made), thus allowing the site to be explored efficiently.
Session cookies are strictly limited to the transmission of session identification data consisting of random numbers generated by the server that do not allow any personal identification of individual users.
Session cookies are not permanently stored on the user’s computer and disappear when the browser is closed.

2.1b Functional cookies (technical cookies)

These cookies allow the site, based on the request expressed by the user, to recognise the user on subsequent accesses or allow the user to navigate according to a series of selected criteria in order to improve the service provided to the user (e.g. by storing the language or previous searches). Functional cookies are not essential to the operation of the site, but they improve the quality and experience of navigation. This type of cookie is updated on the user’s browser each time he or she returns to the site.

2.1c Analytical cookies (technical cookies)

These cookies are used to process statistical analyses of how users navigate the site and collect anonymous information on the use of the website (e.g. Google Analytics, Shinystat). Considered equivalent to technical cookies by the Personal Data Protection Authority, they are used to collect and analyse information relating to the use of the site by users (e.g. number of pages visited, pages accessed, etc.), which cannot be used for commercial purposes.

2.2 Use of First Party cookies:

These are the cookies installed by ACTIAL FARMACEUTICA SRL, operator of this website being visted by the user.
Session cookies are used to allow efficient exploration of the site. Session cookies are strictly limited to the transmission of session identification data consisting of random numbers generated by the server that do not allow any personal identification of individual users. They are not permanently stored on the user’s computer and are automatically deleted when the browser is closed.

2.3 Use of Third Party Cookies:

“Third-party” cookies are set by a website other than the one the user is visiting. This is because on each site there may be elements (images, maps, sounds, specific links to web pages of other domains, etc.) that reside on different servers from the one visited. Therefore, when a user visits a site and a different company sends the information through that site, third party cookies are used.
These cookies installed by third parties other than Actial may be used by those third parties for marketing purposes.
These cookies will only be installed and used with your consent, which you may revoke at any time. The onus is on the third party to whom the cookies relate to provide the appropriate information and obtain your consent.

Cookie Domain Type  Description Duration



The _ga cookie, installed by Google Analytics, calculates visitor, session and campaign data and also keeps track of site usage for the site’s analytics report. The cookie stores information anonymously and assigns a randomly generated number to recognize unique visitors.

2 years


Installed by Google Analytics, _gid cookie stores information on how visitors use a website, while also creating an analytics report of the website’s performance. Some of the data that are collected include the number of visitors, their source, and the pages they visit anonymously.

1 day



Set by Google to distinguish users.

1 minute

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