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  • VSL#3 in ESPCG’s guideline

    "Probiotics in the management of lower GI symptoms in clinical practice" is the Practical reference guide developed by ESPCG (European Society for Primary Care Gastroenterology) the European Association of Academic General Practitioners with big interest in GI. The Guidelines has been written with t

  • VSL#3: efficacy in Pouchitis

    Pouchitis is a common complication in patients undergoing restorative proctocolectomy for ulcerative colitis. A systematic review made by The Rabin Medical Center, has supported the use of probiotics and prebiotics in pouchitis patients, aiming to clarify the place of these treatments in current the

  • Efficacy of probiotics in IBD

    VSL#3 appears to be effective in inducing remission in active UC, and probiotics may be as effective as 5-ASAs in preventing relapse of quiescent UC. However, the efficacy of probiotics in CD remains uncertain. That's the conclusion of a study conducted by a researchers team from the University

  • VSL#3 participates at the DDW 2017. Find us at AlfaSigma stand.

    VSL3 Pharmaceuticals participates at the DDW 2017 conference that takes place next May 6-9, 2017, at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL. A section of AlfaSigma stand (2227) is dedicated to VSL#3. Recognized as one of the top 50 medical meetings by HCEA, Digestive Disease Week® (DDW) is the world's l

  • Probiotics Are a Good Choice in Remission of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

    Gut bacteria and bacterial metabolic pathways are important factors in initiation and progression of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). A study conducted by Ganji-Arjenaki and Rafieian-Kopaei (Medical Plants Research Center, Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences, Iran) and performed on the studi

  • Cafeteria diet and probiotic therapy

    With a study on rats, researchers from University of New South Wales of Sydney, have investigated the impact of probiotics on gut health and cognitive function have examined if a probiotic could prevent diet-induced memory deficits. Rats were pre-exposed to vehicle, low or high doses of VSL#3 for

  • VSL#3 in World Gastroenterology Organisation’s Global Guidelines

    In 2015, the World Gastroenterology Organisation has included VSL#3 in its Global Guidelines on IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) recognising the positive effects of VSL#3 use in treatments. IBD may be caused or aggravated by alterations in the gut flora. While many patients may use probiotics there

  • CDI signed an agreement granting Ferring exclusive marketing rights to VSL#3® in Europe and Canada

    CD Investments (CDI) and Ferring Pharmaceuticals - private research-driven, specialty biopharmaceutical group active in global markets based in Switzerland - announced today that they have signed an agreement granting Ferring exclusive European marketing rights to CDI’s VSL#3®. 531

  • Intestinal Microbiome: the secret of longevity

    The secret of longevity lies in the gut, or better in the bacteria that live in it. The intestinal microbiome, consisting of almost 100 trillion bacterial cells, changes through life. Consequently, studying the microbiome in centenarians and ultra-centenarians could potentially provide the 'keys' t

  • VSL#3: new formula dairy-free

    VSL#3 goes dairy-free. VSL Pharmaceuticals has recently relocated manufacturing of VSL#3 back to Italy to remove all traces of dairy from the process. The move to make it dairy-free enables patients who also suffer from milk allergies or lactose intolerance to use the product. “As demand for th